$ 1,039.00


  • Mascot is designed to fit a person ranging from 5′ 2 in. to 6′ 4 in. tall, with a chest size of up to 60 in.
  • Made with pride in the USA, flame-retardant, Dry Clean only
  • Mascots come complete with Head, Body, Mitts, Hands, or Wings, and Feet or Spats, as shown in picture.
  • Use for sporting events, school games, publicity, charity

Bee Halloween Costume Women Product Description

The other team will dive for cover when they see your mascot in this Bee/Hornet Mascot Costume approaching on the field. No sporting event is complete without your Mascot getting the fans pumped! Ideal for sporting events, the first day of school, pep rallies, parades, and more. Mascots are also an excellent way to market and brand your business. Use your mascot to help connect your brand to a targeted audience, increase your brand name, or raise awareness of event promotions. The Bee head is constructed out of molded foam and latex for superior detail and durability and includes a screened vision panel, comfort ventilation panels, and a battery operated built-in cooling fan! The black and orange outfit is flame-retardant and dry clean only. The Bee Mascot is designed to fit a person ranging from 5′ 2 in. to 6′ 4 in. tall, with a chest size of up to 60 in.



Bee Dance Costume – Bee/Hornet Mascot Costume – Product Information

  • Shipping Weight: 13 pounds

Hornet Mascot Costume

Hornet Mascot Costume – You might ne to have some opportunity assuming and also weighting in the various clothing options. If You are actually under this mia.  one idea is actually a Bumblee Transformers Outfit for You or even Your kids.

“Transformers” is actually the comic strip collection well-lik in the 90’s including standard cars that completely transform right into large robotics recommending to as Autobots. Certainly not shockingly.  it is actually very most likely an optimal Halloween clothing for 2009.

If You are actually a grown.  that performs certainly not imply You can easily certainly not really feel . As well as appear childlike for eventually. You may spruce up along with a pet amusing Halloween outfit.  To wow all the Youngsters plus all Your buddies as well at the celebration.

Or even at the clothing occasion.

On Your shoes.  You can easily use dark ankle joint shoes if matching shoes are actually certainly not offer along with the clothing. Moreover.  You may use a set of matching yellow handwear covers.  if the clothing arrives shapeless gloves.

Right now.  You are going to require a design make-up to match along with Your amusing Halloween clothing. You must certainly use a set of meaningful dark misleading lashes. If You experience comfy.  You may locate also gold and also dark incorrect lashes.  which are actually primarily  to match along with a honey e type Halloween clothing.

Right now.  You are actually generally all set to am and also glimmer in Your brand new home comical Halloween outfit. You can easily lease clothing.  which additionally feature a personality scalp.

are actually quite adorable personalities; Youngsters and also miss as well can easily spruce up along with such a clothing for the Halloween parties.  or even an outfit celebration.  a ceremony.  or even some other joyful event. You may create Your very own outfit.  . As well as accent it the method You like it.

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