Honey Bee Costume

Honey Bee Costume – Right here is how you are going to create your bumble Halloween costume:

To gin with.  Pick black leotards.  Can not discover leotards? Black long sleev turtle neck and limit trousers will do. This will serve as your base. Then you can acquire a backyard or 2 of either bright yellow or golden towel.  Ruc them in stripes.  This will certainly serve as your bumble Halloween costume information. Attach the stripes on your top as well as back. For extra legs.  You can make your own by using old black stockings fill with utiliz socks to ensure that you can create the illusion of extra legs.  Connect 4 of these make change legs in your black turtle neck top.

You are a right? And so you require a wings as well as an antenna. You  make your wings making use of plastic covers and some cable. Form the synopsis of wings utilizing the cable and cover it using the plastic cover then connect them on the back of your black top. For the last touches of your bumble outfit.  Furthermore It is currently time making your antennas.  You can do these by using cables connect to a headband.

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