$ 19.99

  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash Lay FLat to Dry
  • Tutus by: SOUTHERN WRAG COMPANY – A Trademarked Brand
  • WAIST: Satin Covered Elastic 18″ relaxed to 36″ fully stretched *this is the actual waist measurement of the Tutu *PLEASE be sure it will FIT OVER YOUR HIPS LENGTH: 16″ to 17″ *can easily be cut to desired length without worry of fraying or unraveling
  • MATERIAL: 100% Semi Sheer Poly Mesh with Satin Covered Waist
  • FIT: most Kids. Teens . Adults *Please Check Measurements for Proper Fit
  • COLOR: Assorted (pick one) COLOR DISCLAIMER: We do our best to photograph each and every item to replicate the exact color of every item shipped, however, there may be slight color variations due to different dye lots and due to viewing of items on different monitors.

Queen Bee Costume Accessories Product Description

Super Soft, Super Full Semi-Sheer Ballet Dance Tutu. Perfect for Ballet, Costumes, Dancewear and Recitals. Great fro getting noticed in 5K, 10K, Polar Plunges and Fundraisers.


Adult Ballet Tutu Waist 18-36 Length 16-17 by Southern Wrag Company USA – Product Information

  • Shipping Weight: 5 ounces

Adult Ballet Tutu Waist

Adult Ballet Tutu Waist – As well as is actually flexible for a ple. Asant suitable for Your child.

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