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Showing 1–20 of 43 results

Queen Bee Costume Accessories

Queen Bee Costume Accessories  – Yet talks quantities with its high degree of elegance. It is st to use with a skirt and shirt or to slip over a gown.

Trend  6 – The Smoking Slipper. Not every person enjoys high heels 24/7 as well as for the previous few years the choice has  ballet apartments. Well.  Not this year! We present to you the cigarette smoking sandal. It is a fun way to  comfortable and also trendy at the exact same time. The very st component of these gems is that they look fantastic in a neutral so they can  coupl with numerous attires or they  sass up your strings with an enjoyable print like leopard.

Trend  7 – Boy Design. Fashionistas are allowing their internal tough woman out by wearing traditionally male items such as vests.  Sports jackets.  As well as button-down blouses. This masculine clothing will certainly help your style pack a strike.

Fad  8 – Brooches. To soften the hard tone of the boyish attire a little.  Girls are adorning themselves with brooches. Yes.  I said brooches.  As in greater than one.