$ 9.99

  • Kids Sized 3 Layered Lined Tutu – 100% Soft Polyester Tulle, Hand Wash Lay Flat to Dry (NO MACHINES/DRYES)
  • WAIST: Satin Covered Elastic
  • LENGTH: Approximately 11″ to 12″ – Very Fluffy with Bow & Ribbon sewn on the end
  • FIT: Bigger babies, Toddlers & Kids
  • Exclusively By Rush Dance TM

Adult Bee Accessories Product Description

Soft, & Full Semi-Sheer Ballet Dance Tutu. Perfect for Ballet, Costumes, Dancewear and Recitals. Great for getting noticed in 5K, 10K, Polar Plunges and Fundraisers. COLOR DISCLAIMER: We do our best to photograph each and every item to replicate the exact color of every item shipped, however, there may be slight color variations due to different dye lots and due to viewing of items on different monitors.


Rush Dance Ballerina Girls Dress-up Princess Fairy Polka Dots & Ribbon Tutu – Product Information

  • Package Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 0.1 inches

Polka Dots & Ribbon Tutu

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Bumblee Wardro – Discover The Leading 4 Clothing Suggestions!

List low are actually the st 4 bumblee outfit concepts for 2010.

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2) Young Child Wardro – What little bit child or even woman would not appear priceless in a honey e outfit? Numerous of these little one outfits arrive along. With a backdoor which may open up for simple accessibility to the baby diaper.