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  • Costumes for Halloween that are suitable for dogs of small sizeIt’s fun to capture pictures of your pet.And this dog outfit will make great photo props.
  • Costumes for Halloween dogsgreat for everyday wear or special occasions. They are also great for weekend celebrations, or just to make your pet look stunning.
  • Bumblebee dog costume with these bee-themed clothes let you show off your favorite pet’s individuality and character.
  • Halloween costumes for dogs-high-end material, comfortable and breathable, stunning workmanship, safe for the skin of pets.
  • Pet cosplay clothesThis is a great costume for your pet’s party And with this costume your pet can dress up to be a sweet bee.


-Size:22.00X14.00X0.50cm/8.65X5.50X0 dog costumes for small dogs.

-Size:10.00X10.00X3.50cm/3.93X3.93X1 dogs costume.

-Material:Gauze, small dog plush halloween costume

-The color is shown as a small dog costume.

-Made of gauze, plush to ensure your pet’s safety throughout the day. It keeps your pet’s lovely costume for your dog.

-It’s fun to take intriguing photos of your pet. This dog outfit will make the perfect costumes for photos of dogs.

-Make your dog look prettier and more adorable and attractive and easily draw attention of others Attractive Dog Clothing.

-It is easy to put on and remove, very easy in wearing. Your pet will be covered in comfort and luxury when you dress your dogs.

-It’s a lovely outfit for a pet’s birthday party With this outfit you can let your pet pretend to be a cute bee-bee dog costume.

Goods Information
Small dog halloween costumes and breathable fabric, so it will not hurt your dog’s skin, and the soft material will allow your pet to move around and breathe.small costume for your dog on Halloween Choose the best material, distinctive and novel.dogs customized halloween costumes an ideal party pet costume is also a great decoration for your dog’s home too.