Bumble Bee Halloween

Bumble Bee Halloween – Chariots of Fire continues to  amongst my listing of the Top 10 movies ever fore made. It passes my most strict test of asking myself after seeing a film: Am I a far tter individual for having seen this movie? The response is inde.  A thousand times yes!

Also today.  26 years after seeing Chariots of Fire for the very first time.  I obtain goose bumps whenever I see it once again.

Every time I see it I take down my Cambridge Factfinder from my library rack as well as looking at the 1924 Paris Olympic results. There I see three gold mal winners-Harold Abrahams of Great Britain in the 100-Meter Dashboard 10.6 .  Eric Liddell of Great Britain in the 400-Meter Dashboard an Olympic document 47.6 and Douglas Lowe of Great Britain in the 800-Meter Run 1:52.4. Lowe was not in Colin Welland’s manuscript.

I think about that remarkable time when some couple of kept up hope in their hearts and also wings on their heels.

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