Bumblebee Theatrical Adult Costume – X-Large

This adult Bumblebee Transformer costume features a jumpsuit, headgear, chest shield & cod item.
Included onslaughts & affixed item full this exceptional adult Bumblebee Transformer clothing.
Our grown-up Bumblebee Transformer clothing is available in adult size X-Large.
Light-up eyes in Bumblebee’s helmet add authenticity to this mens Transformer costume.
This grown-up Bumblebee Transformer costume is an officially registered Transformers clothing.

Bumble Bee Fancy Dress Adults Product Description

This adult Bumblebee Transformer clothing includes a jumpsuit, headgear, upper body shield & cod piece. Consisted of onslaughts & fastened weapon total this outstanding grown-up Bumblebee Transformer costume. Our grown-up Bumblebee Transformer outfit is available in adult measurements X-Large. Light-up eyes in Bumblebee’s safety helmet add legitimacy to this gentlemens Transformer clothing. This adult Bumblebee Transformer outfit is actually an officially certified Transformers costume.