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Little Stinger Bumble Bee Costume

Little Stinger Bumble Bee Costume – My papa.  Always planning ahead.  Had prepar child-siz.  Home-made “centers” for use on our journey. Furthermore Cause filling station were infrequent.  He hand me a little r Folger’s coffee can with a lid and also my bro a tiny glass coke container. Furthermore This little lodging came a household tradition for road trips back in those days.

Mom load a large brownish grocery bag pack with sandwiches and cookies wrapp in wax paper along with a gallon of cold tea in a clear glass milk container. Ice upper bodies were still a decade away and so was the technology for plastic baggies. There was no air conditioning system in the old Nash so we took a trip with the home windows open.  Heads and also hands flailing in the breeze seatlts hadn’t  creat yet. Papa fill out at a “full-service filling station” for twenty-two cents a gallon which is sadly extinct now.  Along with glass gallon milk containers..

” San-An-Toni.  An-Toni-Oh;.

She jump after a pony. Furthermore And also rode away with Tony;.

If you see her please let me understand. .

And i’ll fulfill you in San-Antonio!”.

Mother show all of us the roadway songs she recogniz; i.e.. Furthermore “You Are my Sunlight. “