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Girls' Costumes

Baby Bee Infant Costume

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Kids Bee Suit

Kids Bee Suit – Select two tiny siz fabric roses.  And also apply them at each er.  Or tter.  Right to the spot where the stripes of the outfit gin. Also.  Place one bigger siz flower applique into the skirt. You can position it on the left or right side of the dress. Your little daughter will look like a remarkable summer season bouquet and also a e princess at the very same time.  In her brand-new Halloween outfit for kids.

Sock Ape Outfit

Keep in mind the sock apes that our favor auntie  make? Well there is a Sock Monkey infant costume which includes a bodysuit with a breeze closure pant as well as affix boot covers. The tail is also removable. A matching hood completes this costume.

Flying Monkey of Oz Pennant Outfit

Here’s an ape you may not have thought about the Traveling Ape of Oz Bunting Costume. They look a little terrifying in the Wizard of oz but plac this costume on your child and also see it amazingly transform from terrifying to pleasant. This is likewise one of the numerous child bunting outfits for newborn from 0 to 6 months.