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Baby Bee Infant Costume

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Bee Costume For Infant

Bee Costume For Infant – We required several flower and also bumblebee outfits. Given that I have actually discovered that children like making their own outfits. I wanted the class to be able to get involved as high as possible in the process. Consequently. I came up with an easy outfit suggestion and also had the quality 7 class come in and assist, one student each kindergarten kid In around 1 hour all the costumes were total and the preschool class looked adorable. It was a fantastic experience for everybody.

Exactly how did we make the costumes? Easy!

The bumblebees made with …

Yellow Garbage Bags one each child.

Black Electrical Tape

Hair Bands

Pipe Cleansers

Tiny Foam Balls readily available at craft and dollar stores

The yellow garbage bags laid level on a workdesk as well as while the kindergarten children held them down, the grade 7 children put 4 stripes of electric tape throughout, front and also back. Each red stripe had 3 sizes of the tape. Finally, arm and neck holes were cut out of the garbage bags. Note: If you slip up, clear sealing tape or scotch tape works wonders.

The antennae made by twisting 2 pipe cleansers to every hair band then, pressing a foam sphere onto the other end of each pipeline cleaner the cable inside the pipe cleansers makes this simple.