KIDDIETOTES Bumblebee Backpack

  • Plan | Our lightweight 3D small scale rucksack has two large inside pockets, comfortable and intelligent cushioned customizable lashes, and a nylon back board. This implies it will address all your youngster’s issues for childcare, pre-k or preschool. Circled top handle for clean hanging.
  • Usefulness | On the grounds that it is the ideal size sack for youngsters, it’s simple for them to pack themselves for rest overs, end of the week trips, play dates, and school. Ideal for them to bring along to roadtrips and outside exercises.
  • Sturdy AND Simple TO-CLEAN | Waterproof hardshell is made with Earth-accommodating materials. PVC-and without bpa. Daypack has a ultra solid zipper with ABS and iron grasps, and that implies rehashed use won’t break it. Simple to detect wipe both all around.
  • Remarkable AND FUN | Cool and charming, so your youngster will appreciate wearing it to childcare, preschool, kindergarten or grade school. Furthermore, no other individual will probably have a similar one. This smaller hardcase pack gorgeously stores their toys, pastels, books, and tidbits.
  • Guarantee AND Aspects | Your buy is upheld by a 1-year guarantee, and USA-based Client support. 8.5″ x 8.25″ x 4.75″. For a very long time 1 to 3 years of age.