$ 19.99 $ 15.99

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported – Hand Wash
  • Bumble Bee Costume includes jumpsuit and hood
  • Jumpsuit includes stinger on the bee-hind
  • Hat comes with black antennas on the top

Party City Bumble Bee Costume Product Description

Be the buzzz of the party in this Adult Bumble Bee Costume! This costume features a polyester jumpsuit striped in black and yellow. On the back of the shoulders are black mesh wings. Near the bumble bees bum is the black stinger. Straps at the top with the bottom hem lined with elastic for a comfortable fit. The black stretchy hood ties under the chin and includes the black antennas. Look to Forum Novelties for all your Halloween, Luau, Easter, Mardi Gras, and St. Patrick’s Day supplies.


Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble Bee Costume – You may locate lots of direction s on exactly how to create an Optimus Perfect elaborate gown outfit on Youtu.  upload through a variety of obsess supporters.

The fabulous Autobots and also the wick Decepticons have actually  actually born-again lately along with the launch of the unlievably productive motion picture franchise business. Considerably the pleasure of a lot of father browns they may right now discuss their affection of their very own childhood years heroes along with their Young boys! And also what far tter technique to commemorate the transformers than along with an outstanding transformer costume outfit.

You pick to acquire on Your own a transformer outfit.  low are actually the 3 very most preferr:

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There are actually 2 kinds of clothing available – the timeless Optimus Top.  and also the more recent.  vitaliz Optimus prime of the flicks. The brand new one is actually mainly for Youngsters.  . As well as there are actually lots of terrific outfits available.  Along with reasonable robotic components standing out all 3D coming from the physical body. Lots of along with major breast areas . As well as incrible safety helmets.

And also for the traditional Op prime clothing.  You may discover a few of these online for grownups – and also they are actually effectively worth the hunt. The traditional Op prime clothing . As well as general graphic boots the heck away from the brand new one.  as many much older supporters will concur!

Nothing else Transformer may truly take on Optimus prime.  either in sturdiness.  greatness.  or even sheers appeal. If You spruce up as the brave innovator of the Autobots. You are actually turning into one of the absolute most recognisable . As well as enjoy anime heroes of perpetuity.

  1. Bumble

Along with his ultra-cool Camero change self-pride Bumblee is actually one fine-looking robotic.