$ 399.99

  • This adult Bumblebee Transformer costume includes a jumpsuit, helmet, chest armor & cod piece.
  • Included gauntlets & attached weapon complete this impressive adult Bumblebee Transformer costume.
  • Our adult Bumblebee Transformer costume comes in adult size X-Large.
  • Light-up eyes in Bumblebee’s helmet add authenticity to this mens Transformer costume.
  • This adult Bumblebee Transformer costume is an officially licensed Transformers costume.

Bumble Bee Tutu Halloween Costume Product Description

Jumpsuit, helmet with light-up eyes, chest piece, cod piece, left gauntlet, and right gauntlet with weapon attached. Adult 42-46.


Bumble Bee Tutu For Adults – Disguise Men’s Transformers Bumblebee Theatrical Costume – Product Information

  • Size: Standard
  • Color: Yellow

Bumblebee Theatrical Costume

Bumblebee Theatrical Costume – It is actually certainly not tough to function along with organza textile.  as it is actually a really mild component.  . As well as the reality that it is actually transparent.  it is actually considerably simpler to develop the extras. If You carry out certainly not possess one.  You may just get one all set creat.

Little bit of florals.  a good honey e.  everything that puts right into Your thoughts.  or even which possesses a comparison along with the bumblee. Filler in these designs along with the gold jewel grains. On Your mind.  You can easily use an aerial headpiece or even a basic headpiece.  which You are going to adorn.

If You would like to  actually a jubilant bumblee for this Halloween.  all You require is actually to take deeper in to Your outfit for some garments . As well as devices.  match all of them.  and also make an exclusive bumblee Halloween outfit.

The dress will certainly end up ing the 2nd part of Your bumblee Halloween clothing. If it possesses very a lot of levels.  You can easily take off one or even 2. You will definitely use the outfit along with a set of dark tights.  thus there is actually no demand to use leg duration flanks.

Ideal Halloween Wardro Manual Coming From the Pros

This happening Halloween.  for certain.  You are actually appearing for an also extra initial.  scarier.  spookier or also hotter Halloween clothing so You can still noteworthy coming from amongst the group of creatures.  Yetis.  buccaneers.  bad Empresses.  bogeymans.  ghosts and also Elvis-look-alikes? as the celebration happens nearer . As well as nearer.  it appears that You are actually certainly not the only one that is actually appearing for the greatest Halloween outfits so the concern is actually- where can You discover the very most authentic or even the very most special?

For many years.  individuals will presume of spookiness .